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Bittersweet Billetdoux

Or Hilarities Of A Lunatic

21 September
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Okay. So let's see. I...love. Yeah, that's it, that's what I do--I love. :-). I have an obsessive personality, which kind of sucks; if I like something, I end up really liking it. See Harry Potter, 3rd grade.

I do smilies too much online, and I smile too much in real life. You'll see--just talk to me. I end my sentences with :D instead of a period when I'm not thinking. :D.

See. I just did it.

I write, and sometimes it gets the better of me at school or something. I'll start writing a conclusion or something and turn it into an elaborate novel. It's bad. Reading stuff like Pride and Prejudice doesn't help much. :-).

I'm a little OCD. I can't stand if someone's tag is sticking out of their shirt, or if their hood is inside out. I fix stuff like that all the time. It's bad, but hey. Everyone has their quirks. I just have a lot.

Oh, and I'm short. And I LIKE it. And I'm not petite. No, it's just being short. :-).

So...that's it, I guess.